Project in Sierra Leone

Currently We Play gives its support to the construction of a playground in the West African country Sierra Leone. Thanks to the efforts of We Play’s local partner, Playground Foundation, land already has been acquired in Regent, just outside the capital, Freetown. With small donations, free of charge materials and help from volunteers the design and construction of the playground has started as well. The playground will be first in its kind in Sierra Leone, and will include play equipment, a soccer field, a garden and a library. The playground will be maintained by the Regent community and Playground Foundation.

We Play supports the realization of the playground’s library. We have already sent 160 English-language children books and are now looking for donations to finish the construction of the library building. If you would like to support us, you can make a donation. It will be much appreciated by the children of Regent and our Sierra Leonean partners. Please send your donation to: NL77TRIO0338602372.

The location of the future playground at Regent, Sierra Leone

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