Playing safely in the African city

There are almost no playgrounds in Africa, especially in the fast-growing cities, and children have almost no place to play safely. Busy traffic, construction works and urban pollution create a high-risk environment for vulnerable groups such as children.

We Play supports the construction of playgrounds in the West African country of Sierra Leone. Thanks to the efforts of We Play’s local partner, Playground Foundation, a portion of land has been obtained in Regent, just outside the capital of Freetown. The construction of the playground has started with local support in the form of small contributions, free materials and volunteers.

The existence of such a safe and accessible playground in Sierra Leone is unique. In addition to playground equipment, there will also be a soccer field, a botanical garden and a library. Playground Foundation and the Regent community will manage and maintain the playground.

We Play is a non-profit organization that aims to support local initiatives for the development and construction of safe play areas in Africa and elsewhere in the world. In our view, every child deserves a place to play safely and enjoy their childhood.

So far, most of the work has been done by our partner organization in Sierra Leone. However, this is not yet enough. We Play is committed to help finishing the construction of the playground this year. Support is very welcome. Contributions are used for the further construction and designing the playground, and the construction of the library, as well as the training of the playground caretakers and the librarian. Donations can be transferred to NL77TRIO0338602372.

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