The role of We Play during COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has undoubtedly had profound repercussions on countries worldwide, with most of them entering some form of lockdown. Individuals, households, and companies have seen their freedom of movement limited, and schools have closed. 

This is quite problematic for a country like Sierra Leone, where children often don’t have access to books and other material to support their schooling and education. During these uncertain times, it is vital that children can keep learning and developing.

The library’s playground in Regent, a project that We Play supports, is already well under way and still needs a few touch ups before it can be finished, and ready to welcome a limited number of children at a time. We Play sees a wonderful opportunity amidst these difficult times to offer young children of the community a safe haven to read, learn, and play, as their school have shut down.

Any donation will help towards finishing the construction of the library, you can donate either directly via our IBAN or via*.

We kindly thank everyone for all the support We Play has received, and hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

*IBAN: NL77TRIO0338602372 account: bibliotheekproject-sierra-leone%2Fdonaties

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