News about We Play

July 2021

We Play joins forces with Sharnaqa Placemaking by Children

Shanarqa is a non-profit hybrid architecture entreprise that stimulates and designs safe play spaces with children and their communities. We play and Sharnaqa will explore opportunities to  work together on developing safe play areas for children in places where play is not automatically part of their daily lives. More info at:

Kenya: Changing Faces Competition 2020/2021

Public Space Network (PSN) has entered the second phase of the Changing Faces Competition (CFC) in June 2021. A selection has been made of the most innovative community driven public space initiatives. The winners will receive assistance to fully develop their neighbourhood project. We Play will give its support to a child friendly place created by one of the selected community groups. CFC receives support by the city of Nairobi and UN Habitat.

More info at:

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