Updates from We Play, April 2022

Kenya: Next phase of Changing Faces Competition

We Play supports all five neighbourhood teams that were selected as part of the Changing Faces Competition for transforming poor neighbourhoods in Nairobi into safe and accessible public spaces. All projects involve child-friendly elements. The construction of the public spaces has been done already. Currently the teams will be trained in maintenance and their capacity will be strengthened to start with a next phase: the design and building of new public places in Nairobi. Meanwhile We Play in cooperation with Dutch organizations Biblionef will send English language children books to some of the teams that have included a small library in their project.

The five teams are: Sister Brother Love Community Based Organization at Dandora neighbourhood,  Believers Transformation League, also at Dandora, Komb Green Solutions at Korogocho slum, Wahenga Youth Group at Kayole slum and Kamikunji Environment Conservation Champions (KECC) at Kamikunji neighbourhood.

PSN also receives support by the city of Nairobi and UN Habitat among others.  

Sierra Leone: Playground Foundation

The playground at Regent is up and running. The Playground Foundation, that built the playground, the Regent community, Saint Charles’ church and a local caretaker have reached an agreement to maintain the playground for the longer term. Regent Canterbury Garden for Children, located at Regent, a community near Freetown, is the first of its kind in Sierra Leone. We Play will continue its support

Jordan: Child-friendly public space initiative

We Play, Sharnaqa and the Masahit Al-Hayy Initiative further develop the plan to design and build a child-friendly open neighbourhood  space in Jordan. Besides Russeifa, the initiators currently also look at suitable places in Jordan’s capital Amman in collaboration with local community organizations.

More updates are on the way.

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