Update from We Play, December 2022

Long time no hear from us. Preparations in Jordan took a little bit more time than expected, but we are now under way towards realizing the project in the city of Russeifa. The partner organizations (Masahit Al-Hayy Initiative and Recycling for Education) are planning the co-design and co-build workshops for spring next year. The postcards created by children of the community during the workshop of the first phaze of the project will be used as an inspiration for designing a child-friendly neighbourhood public space. Thanks to our donors for their patience. We will keep you posted!

The children books we collected from Biblionef in the Netherlands have finally arrived in Nairobi. The books will be distributed by the Public Space Network among the five neighbourhood projects selected earlier. We hope the children living in these neighbourhoods and who visit the public places will enjoy reading the books.

Next time also more on the Regent playground in Sierra Leone where the Playground Foundation continues to work in a sustainable play space for kids.

We Play wishes you a wonderful new year!

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